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Release Updates - Multiple Custom Domains, WalletConnect for ENS, and TLD Verification

We’re back with a multi-release update! This time we’re bringing several features into the platform from different requests from users, and pending tools that help make Fleek’s experience interface-wise a little bit better for everyone.

What news do we have in store in this batch? Well, three things are new in Fleek!

  1. Multiple Custom Domain Support
  2. WalletConnect Support in ENS flow
  3. TLD Verification

New Features

Multiple Custom Domain Support

Quite self explanatory! You can now add and manage multiple custom domains to your Fleek-hosted sites to provide different points of entry, or redirect automatically to your primary domain addresses. You can find this under the Domain Management tab, in a website’s setting section.

WalletConnect Support in ENS Flow

We have integrated WalletConnect to support a vast number of new wallets in our ENS domain management flow. Whenever you need to verify or set up your new Ethereum Name Service domain name through Fleek, you will now see the following options:

TLD Verification

We have changed how DNS domains and their TLDs (Top level domains) are verified! In the past, if you tried to add a custom DNS domain to your website on Fleek, and it had a an odd TLD, like .ooo, that might not have been supported by standard providers we interact with (like GoDaddy), you could get an error because they were not identified as valid and had to be manually added by the team.

Now, these are supported as well and can be verified! So you can go nuts and use the weirdest TLDs for your custom domains, without having to stir out of the usual flow.

That’s all for today!

Stay tuned for more upcoming updates, releases and fixes coming to Fleek. We’re gearing up to reach March with a couple more big ones! Remember that you can reach out to us any time with feedback, requests, or any cool ideas you’d like to see in Fleek. We’ll be happy to chat about it, and build out the best experience possible.