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Release Update: Fleek Storage Js

fleek storage update

We’ve just released Fleek Storage Js, a new SDK that makes uploading and pinning files to IPFS a breeze!

Install now!

Fleek Storage Js can be installed as an npm package.

npm install @fleekhq/fleek-storage-js

Simple Methods

You can use simple methods like upload and get to pin and fetch your files from IPFS. You can ask for the public url, the ipfs hash, the key, or the file content itself.

Fleek Storage Js makes uploading and pinning to IPFS very simple.

Download files from Fleek’s IFPS gateway

Did you know Fleek had its own IPFS gateway?

Simply substitute the IPFS hash in the url below to use it. https://ipfs.fleek.co/ipfs/<HASH>

Also, Fleek Storage Js provides a utility method to download any file on IPFS through our gateway, no account needed!

Learn more in our docs!

Read more about Fleek Storage Js and Fleek Storage in our docs.

We’ve made a special effort to document clearly each method of Fleek Storage Js to make its integration as straightforward as possible.

Thanks for Reading

We’re excited to keep pushing out new releases and there’s plenty more where that came from. Stay posted!