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Release Update: Pro Team Plan, Billing Page, and Deleting Sites & Domains

Release Update Pro plan

Its been a few weeks of 250+ onboarding calls with users and tons of IPFS deployments! The feedback has been resounding and very appreciated. The Starter team plan comes with a full set of hosting and DNS features. Now we are releasing the Pro team plan that includes more build minutes, more bandwidth, and more sites per month. The Pro team plan will also include team features soon.

Feature Releases

Pro Team Plan

The Pro team plan to start includes up to 20 sites, 750 build minutes, and 100 GB Bandwidth. There’s, even more, coming to the Pro plan for the next release including Team features. Check out the pricing page for more details!

Screen Shot 2020 03 17 at 11 32 41 PM

Billing Page

The Billing page has a usage metric, payment method, and billing contact info. The usage metrics track the number of build minutes and bandwidth used for the month. You can add/change your payment method details and billing contact info.

Screen Shot 2020 03 17 at 11 36 57 PM

Screen Shot 2020 03 17 at 11 37 10 PM

Deleting Sites & Domains

In case you make any mistakes or change your mind you can now delete sites and domains, whether they have been propagated or not.

Screen Shot 2020 03 17 at 11 53 40 PM

Screen Shot 2020 03 17 at 11 54 03 PM


Concurrent builds

You can build multiple deployments at the same time within one site and across all sites.

Domain Checkout

The domain checkout process is now charged to your added payment method instead of having to type in your payment details for each one time check out.

List of Sites and Deploys

Pagination has been added to the list of sites and lists of deploys. You may have noticed if you had more than 20 sites and/or deploys they get cut off, now you will be able to load as many as you need.

Bug Fixes

  • Sometimes after a successful deployment the autogenerated subdomain to preview the deployment wouldn’t show until after a refresh. Fixed!
  • The date and time on a previous deployment were showing up as “today MM/DD” if the deployment was within the past 24 hrs, even if the deployment was yesterday. Fixed!
  • The same Git Repository connected to multiple sites sometimes failed to trigger the auto-deploy. Fixed!
  • In case the manual trigger of a redeploy fails, we improved the error message to explain why it did.

Thanks for Reading

We’re excited to keep pushing out new releases and there’s plenty more where that came from. Stay posted!