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New Feature Alert: Deploy Previews!

Deploy previews are the latest improvement to our web hosting product.

This new feature allows you to preview a deployment before pushing it to production. You can safely view what your site will look like before you merge the pull request.

It should come in handy when you want to make sure that everything is in order with the changes you want to make and avoid bad surprises due to unfortunate oversights.

For some teams, this step is an integral part of their workflow.

Deploy previews are live!

You can use deploy previews right as we speak!

The feature must be activated and configured in the settings. You can do so by going to the site’s settings, clicking on Build & Deploy and interacting with the Deploy Contexts box.

To start a deploy preview, simply create a pull request to your production branch. The deploy preview will appear in the list of deploys of the site.

Click on the deploy tagged Deploy Preview to view it!

In addition, you are able to view the deploy preview right from the github page of your pull request. Very handy for developers wanting to see the changes resulting from a pull request!

If you are an existing Fleek user, you should have received an email from Github to update your permissions. The permissions are necessary so you can receive information about your deployments right from Github.

Stay tuned!

We are constantly working at improving Fleek and adding new features. So stay tuned to Fleek on social media to learn about all the new cool stuff we are working on!

If you have feedback about deploy previews or even suggestions to further improve Fleek, do not hesitate to contact us!