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Sign-up & Login Page Overhaul in Preparations for Web3 Logins, Plus UI/UX Enhancements✨

News are coming to Fleek! In today’s release, we’ve redesigned the app’s authentication page. Get ready, because we’re working hard to rebuild the Fleek experience and create a Web3 native app for everyone.

This first step will allow us to segway onto Web3 logins and payments (wallet integrations), and soon enough into a full-platform revamp.

The New Authentication Page ✨

Fleek’s receiving a freshen-up, and we’re starting with the authentication page. Whenever you sign up or sign in to Fleek, you’ll be greeted with this new view!

The revamped authentication page uses the Drip library built on Radix and Stitches (we will open-source it soon!), and has an improved flow for email verification and GitHub account linking.

Not only does this page provide a cleaner and up to 30% faster experience, but it’ll be the stepping stone upon which we add a lot more Web3 native login options to Fleek.

We’ve also enabled the email verification check on all accounts to reduce spam account creation. Any existing unverified account will be prompted to do so during their login.

A Segway Into Web3 Auth Options

This new design is the base layer upon which we’ll bring crypto wallet logins onto Fleek, using Sign in With Ethereum to allow Metamask, Gnosis, Rainbow, and other Ethereum wallet users to log into Fleek.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s coming:

Expect an update in the next week that will expand our folder of authentication providers to include these wallet options. Check out the sneak peek above!

UI/UX Improvements & Fixes 🧰

That’s not all for today! We also have a batch of enhancements and fixes to the Fleek app coming. Let’s review the release notes:


  • Email verification flow improved.
  • The authentication system is faster and more stable
  • Deprecated i-t and a-t storage items with personal access tokens.
  • Polished behavior of sidebar.


  • Fixed issue allowing authenticated users to visit auth page.
  • Fixed issue causing user sessions to end in a short span of time.

That’s a wrap for today! We’re putting a lot of thought into the next evolution of Fleek, and soon we’ll be sharing more into how we intend to push Fleek further into decentralization. Crypto logins and payments are next, but the decentralization of our infra will follow!