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Fleek's Gitcoin GR9 Hackathon Prize Winners!

Last week Gitcoin’s Grant Round 9 Hackathon came to an end, with an immense folder of dope projects and groups participating in another jampacked hackathon. The event wrapped with over 1.2 million raised by the community, and over $300k in hackathon prizes!

This year we didn’t come alone. We teamed up with Protocol Labs, together with Textile, IPFS, and Filecoin to bring some cool Web3 challenges for hackers on GR9 take on, placing over $63k in Filecoin (FIL) prizes as a whole together with Protocol Lab’s matching of the prizes!

Two weeks after, and a couple dope projects later, it’s time to take a look at the projects that surprised us and took the win home this year!

The Challenge

What was our challenge? To build an app or Dapp using Fleek’s open source tools. For example the Space SDK open source library, or Fleek’s Storage JS for interacting programmatically with Fleek’s IPFS storage.

We opened up three tracks, focused on Innovation, NFTs, and Communication. And judged based on originality of implementation, its quality, and good usability.

What are the prize tiers?

  • 1st place: $2,000 + Protocol Labs matching.
  • 2nd places: $1,000 + Protocol Labs matching.
  • 3rd places: $500 + Protocol Labs matching.

The Winning Projects

In total we selected five winners! This year @stevegachau took the win home in first place with MintBot, a Telegram bot for minting NFTs in seconds.

Sharing second place, @ysongh with StoriesNFT, a Dapp for minting written stories and selling them as NFTs; together with @morganstar who presented Space Case, an identity management and file sharing app!

In Third we have @koder-abc123 with Bottle, a Telegram bot for interacting with the Matic network, and @belfordz with Fleek Chat, a Fleek react starter kit.

Cheers everyone! Thanks a lot for joining us and hacking away, it’s exciting to see developers jump on to prove what’s possible with the power of the Open Web!

Project Showcase


Steve surprised us with an extremely seamless implementation of an NFT minting bot on Telegram. MintBot interacts with Polygon to mint images directly from Telegram messages, covering the gas costs, and with support for ENS domains and .crypto Unstoppable domains.

As quick as attaching an image to a message and sending a caption with the required metadata, being address your ENS/wallet address.

<address> : <name/title> : <description>

A little bit later, you’ll get your NFT uploaded to IPFS through Fleek Storage JS, and minted via Polygon, even getting an OpenSea link to it in the end!

Space Case

Morganstar earned his spot on the second place with Space Case, an app that combines the Moon Cat Rescue library to create unique identicats with Fleek Space SDK identities to deliver a cool File Manager experience, with support for a feline contact list, and file sharing/uploading via the SDK’s implementation of IPFS/Textile.

Kudos to the dope retro interface! An amazingly straightforward tool, with a lot of potential to become its own hub.


The next project in the second place tier is StoriesNFT by You Song Hou (@ysongh). An NFT marketplace for writing, selling, and buying written stories as NFTs! It uses the Space SDK to create a writer’s identity, giving them a suite to upload their story files (PDF, for example) to Fleek’s IPFS storage, and publishing them for sale as an NFT (associated to the writer’s wallet address, MetaMask supported).

Readers can then visit the homepage and support a writer by purchasing a story they like. A nice twist to the traditional NFT use cases, and a solid implementation of both the SDK and Storage JS to support it.


Now, on the third place tier, **Bottle **by @koder-abc123. A Telegram bot that interacts with the Matic network and uses Fleek storage as a personal wallet manager and product marketplace.

By chatting with Bottle, a user can sell or purchase products on a Matic marketplace without needing a browser extension, leaving the transaction work to Bottle, reflecting changes in the marketplace UI instantly.

Fleek Chat / React Starter Kit

Last but not least, Zachary Belford submitted a React Starting Kit for building Fleek apps. It started as an attempt to tackle a chat app, and resulted in a cool template with a login and registration flow for anyone to build upon.

We’re all about creating open resources to help anyone build on Web3, so we really appreciate this hack! We love the seamlessness the auto-login gives for an app experience, and the approach of building familiar Web2-like login flows powered by the benefits of the Open Web in the background.

Wrapping Things Up

Thanks again to all the applicants and everyone else for joining us and Protocol Labs on this edition of the GR9 Hackathon! We can’t wait to see these hacks grow and catch how else the community will surprise us using our stack.

Applicants we’ll be hearing from us and Protocol Labs soon for their prizes. If you didn’t make it to GR9 and missed the chance to explore a PoCs or hack built on Fleek’s suite of tools, drop into our community Slack. The team’s always up for jamming on new ideas 🤙