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Deploy and Host your site on IPFS Using Fleek

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We’re going to deploy a site onto IPFS in under 30 seconds using Fleek. Let’s get started!

If you don’t have a site or app handy in a GitHub repo, let’s create a simple index.html. If you do, just skip directly to STEP 2.

Fleek will connect to your git provider and auto-detect whatever framework your site is using for quick deployment (you can also customize build settings if you’d like).


Step 1: Set Up a Repo on Github

Create an empty repository, clone it, and start coding.

image 2

Create an index.html file and add some content.

image 3

add, commit, push (you know the drill)

image 4

Now your repository is ready to go!

image 5

Step 2: Set Up Fleek

Go to: https://app.fleek.co/

Sign in or up with Github or Email

image 6

Add New Site

image 7

Connect with Github.

image 8

Pick a repository.

image 9

If you’re using the Hello World example, there is no framework selected and the build settings are empty for this deployment.

Deploy the Site!

image 10

Deployment takes 30 seconds.

Image 11

Once complete, view your website.

Image 12

You can view the website using the provided domain name.


image 13

Or verify with the CID.


Image 14

Step 3: Updates

Fleek will automatically redeploy your website whenever you make changes to GitHub. The provided domain name will remain the same and will point to the new CID. This enables you to build fast modern websites hosted on IPFS.