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Release Update: Custom Docker, Environment Variables, Faster Performance, and more..

Release Update Docker

Release Notes:

From starting the private beta a couple of weeks ago we have already onboarded 100+ users individually and received copious amounts of feedback. The feedback has mostly been around supporting all types of deployments so we have released several features around that alone, as well as other features to enhance performance and bug fixes.

Deployment Improvements:

Custom Docker Images (BYOD: Bring Your Own Dockerfile):

Before your app or site is deployed onto IPFS it is built using docker images. We already store many docker images that support the most popular frameworks (Create React App, NextJS, GatsbyJS, etc.), however, there are many different frameworks, web servers, languages, versions, etc. so being able to pull your docker image for the build process makes it easy and can support any custom configurations.

Screen Shot 2020 03 05 at 12 01 29 AM

Environment Variables:

Users can now specify any number of environment variables before deploying their app. They can also be edited and updated later on to support flexible and robust DevOps practices.

Screen Shot 2020 03 05 at 12 01 19 AM

No Build Command or Publish Directory:

Deploy any combination of files or directories that do not require specifying any build command or publish directory. Just link your Git provider repo of files and click deploy. You’ll have an IPFS hash and subdomain to view those files directly in your browser.

Screen Shot 2020 03 05 at 12 07 12 AM

To Sum Up All the Deployment Improvements in One Screenshot:

Screen Shot 2020 03 05 at 12 19 21 AM

Performance Enhancements

  • Speed up the build process by 3 - 4 minutes by caching docker images to deploy them much quicker than needing to build repeatedly
  • Improve loading time around the app including the list of sites on the Sites Overview page when you first enter the app, and when you view the list of all the sites you’ve deployed
  • Improve the loading speed of individual sites, navigating into a specific site and the tabs within that site

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed user authorization redirect issues. When a user was logged in for more than 30 minutes the page sometimes hard refreshed. Now there is no noticeable authorization redirect or page refresh.
  • Editing deploy settings did not save. You can now update and save deploy settings and they will work with the next triggered redeploy.
  • Improved branch selection dropdown in step 3 of adding sites. We also reused that same dropdown in the deploy settings for updating the branch that the site deploys from.
  • Leaving a site while it was in the middle of a deploy required a refresh to update the site to the successfully deployed state. Not anymore.
  • And many more fixes from our incredible developer team…

We’re very excited to be launching the Public Beta soon! In the meantime: